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Digital Nomads – Software Essentials For Working On The Road

Let’s say you are planning to go on a hike. You will always carry the essentials, such as extra clothing, food, water, knife, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, first aid kit, flashlights, etc.  Packing these essentials become mandatory because that’s how you will be easily able to survive and without it, it’s more likely that your hike […]

The Best Free Video Editing Software

Video editing is a great skill to have in one’s repertoire. But no matter how good a sense of video editing you may have, without the right tool you will never be able to achieve what you want. And while some of these software are quite costly, there are a range of free one’s as […]

Freeware Software That Is Paramount For Your Pc

The word freeware to the majority of people sounds as inferior and substandard. In my opinion, this is never the complete truth. Quite some freeware software available is above reproach and work equally or even better than some bought software’s. Below is a list of freeware that is compulsory in your pc. NEW! Growl Boyz […]

Software Likely To Dominate In 2018 And Why

2018 (as every other year) is going to bring lots of change in the world of software. The main trends so far have been cloud services, the continuity of mobile market development and of course privacy keeping software. On the other side of the fence are software for controlling the workers and Nanny Spy seems to be one of the first solutions.

Free Software
The Top Reasons for Avoiding Freeware Software

Freeware refers to computer software that if freely available for download. Despite the cost-free access, freeware is protected under copyright by the developer who keeps possession of its distribution, modification, and trading in the future. Freeware is usually issued without its source code so as to protect it from modification by the users. In as […]

Best Freeware Android Apps You Must Install in Your Device

Most people who fancy privacy tend to shy away from “Freeware” due to the fear of their privacy getting compromised. Well, not every freeware is prone to intrusion. “The purpose of freeware is to offer an opportunity for a significant number of users to enjoy the efficiency of the software.” Suppose you find an application […]

Most used free softwares

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

GIMP Photo Editor

GIMP Photo Editor

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

Facebook Messenger for iOS

Facebook Messenger

WPS Office

WPS Office Free



Quality Websites Corner

There is plenty of websites on the Internet, we know software you should use. Now we present the must-see websites you should browse and get familiar with.

Perv MomPervMom - does this name sounds familiar? Probably not, as this is fresh brand launched into the Web in February of 2018. Perverted mothers featured in some taboo family situations. Seduction, dirty play and step family fantasies - in full HD quality. This is something you should focus on your after-work activities 🙂 URL:

Next websites coming up soon!

The purpose of freeware is to offer an opportunity for a significant number of users to enjoy the efficiency of the software.


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