How much can a laptop with 128 GB hold?

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128 GB with 2 GB memory

like would it be enough for 3 years of college plus a side hoby of photo editing?

John bloginat Bloginat
John bloginat Bloginat

It really depends what you save on it. If you are only saving documents an a small amount of photos it will be fine. But if you are putting music and videos on your laptop it will last about 3 months.

Im assuming its a Macbook, so I reckon you should get that laptop and an external USB hard drive.

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Norm F
Norm F

128 GB is 128 billion Bytes 1GB = 10^9

1 byte is 8 bits

a character such as A is made up from 2 bytes

an average .jpg photo can vary in data size by quite a lot but about 1MG is quite a good photo. this can be a little less and quite a bit more depending on resolution and size.

1 GB =1000 MB

Some clever dick is going to say these sizes are not exact which is true but near enough.

You will not get the full 128GB if that is the specs of the drive especially if it is the system disk


Well it can hold 128gb.If you run out of room delete old files you no longer need. Or get a larger external hdd.

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