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leon zamoraleon zamora

Found a cool website with some movies i would like to watch. But it says its free but still asks for your debit/credit card number for verification. Im cool with spending money, but i prefer to stream movies and i don't want to sign up if its a scam. its the 100% free thing im interested in by the way.

Would like it if people who actually signed up for Cievan could give me an answer if it is not a scam and if its 100% free.


Be aware. I believe this is a scam and a phishing website.

Since it declares itself a free movie provider, why it asks you to provide your debit or credit card number for verification? That make no sense.

As I know some free movie website will ask their user to register with email address and user name, but they will never ask their user to provide credit card number.

Be carefully when you are required to provide your confidential information.

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