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I have a tumblr and I'd like to save animated gifs from there to my computer, to upload again to tumblr in different posts. However, when I do "save as" it saves as a non animated picture - just a single frame. It gives me no option to save as a different file type. How can I save these animated gifs? I have Windows 7 and Firefox. Please note I don't want to just open them to view, I want to upload them so they need to be saved in my folders.

Thank you.


You have to open it with a browser, not an editing program.


Save image as. It's the third option from the top when you right click on the image.

What do you open the gif with on your computer? Maybe what ever program you use doesn't play animated gifs.

Bango Skank
Bango Skank

Right click, save as.

it will save the whole gif, you just arent opening it in a gif compatible viewer. try opening it in internet explorer

Computer Aid
Computer Aid

Right-click -> Save Image As

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