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Mita RayMita Ray

When I go onto the avast user interface it says unsecured... and it says The avast antivirus program has been stopped or is in an inconsistent state. Please re-start the program to resume using protecting your system. How do i RESTART the program!?? :(( The version is 5.0.462.

Vikas Medhekar
Vikas Medhekar

To restart the program, you either need to reboot your operating system, or otherwise terminate its process from the Task Manager. In most cases, the latter option do not works.

Did you scanned the registry for any problems related to Avast registry entries? If no, scan it with RegInOut and repair any problems.

In your case, I suspect Avast is turned off due to a virus infection. A virus may be infected to your computer and has disabled Avast. You have to try an alternative tool such as Kaspersky Resuce Disk or Kaspersky Virus Removal tool.

G Man
G Man

Your antivirus program is screwed up. You have to uninstall it, and reinstall it. (this is a good opportunity to upgrade to the latest version.)

The problem is, why is your antivirus program broken?

It probably didn't break on its own.

Most likely there is a malicious program on your computer, designed to stop antivirus's. If this is the case, it probably won't let you reinstall Avast without a fight.

I don't know what's the best way to solve this dilemma. Some good methods of limiting what this malicious program can do is (1) disconnecting the computer from the Internet, and (2) starting the computer in Safe Mode. Both of these things will limit what a virus can do, but at the same time, it also limits what you can do too.

Here is how I would handle it.

1. start the computer in safe mode with networking (google "safe mode" if you don't know how to do this.)

2. download the Avast uninstaller.¦

3. download the newest Avast

4. disconnect from the internet (unplug the network cable, or turn off your wireless connection)

5. uninstall your current version of avast.

6. restart the computer in normal mode, but keep the computer off the internet!

7. Install Avast. if this works, then you are done

8. If you get a weird error installing avast, then that means you have a virus or something blocking the installation. Go back into safe mode with networking and download bitdefender. It's a good free virus scanner, and you can install it while in safe mode.

9. Install bitdefender while in safe mode. Run a complete scan, and delete any bad program you find.

10. Restart in normal mode, and install Avast.

After you install Avast, you should do a complete boot time scan.

Good luck!

sangeeth kumar
sangeeth kumar

You are using very outdated version.

5.0.677 is previous stable avast verson.

Now it is 5.1.889.

Read more Here;¦


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